Purpose And Correct Use Of Reference Standard Materials

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As it is known, certified reference materials (CRM) are used frequently and often compulsory in laboratory analysis. A reference standard substance is a substance whose one or more measurable values can be defined by internationally valid methods or methods and determined as a standard value. If a detailed information document about this defined standard value is created and this document contains, for example, which analyzes were used to obtain this standard value, the methods by which the results were validated, which chemicals were used in the analyzes, then this document is called a certificate. When such a certificate is created for the reference substance, the name of the product becomes the certified reference standard substance.

As can be understood from the definition above, the main purpose of use of CRMs is to obtain the correct analysis result. Valid analysis results can be obtained by creating correct calibration curves in instrumental analyzes or by quality control studies to be performed before or after analyzes. Conversely, a systemic or methodical error can also be detected with similar studies.
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