Laboratory Comparison Tests

What is Inter-Laboratory Comparison Test?

Laboratories can participate in inter-laboratory comparison tests with a small number of participants instead of proficiency testing. Possible reasons for these practices are the lack of suitable proficiency testing program to participate, the low number of laboratories available in the sector, etc. There may be situations. In such cases, an independent organization on behalf of a laboratory or group of laboratories may decide to organize an inter-laboratory comparison test. This group of laboratories may consist of branches of the same organization or laboratories of different organizations. Of course, there will be some conditions that the regulatory body must comply with and meet.

As Labsert, the inter-laboratory comparison tests we organize with our Z-Test brand are organized by taking into consideration the ISO 17043 requirements. Relevant international standards, guides and documents are used in sample preparation, documentation, obtaining results and reporting processes.

Within the scope of the inter-laboratory comparison test (external quality control test) we offer as Z-Test, we also provide you with access to these programs in many different analysis areas, especially environmental, water and food analysis.

1. ISO 17043 conditions are followed for the management of comparison tests.

2. In applications to the organized comparison tests, the current ISO 17025 accreditation validity of the participants is questioned. The final registration of the participants to the tests is only possible if they are accredited according to the ISO 17025 standard. If there are not enough participants for test, laboratories can be accepted if they are in accreditation progress or they have min. 3 years experience in the relevant parameters. All participants are informed about this process.

3. Our quality policy in comparison tests has been prepared and approved by the senior management. According to our relevant quality policy; all participants, whenever they present their results, learn the assigned values of the comparison test they have participated in, in the results report and at the same time.

4. Information about the activities and calculations to be made within the scope of the cycle is provided to the laboratories with documents on our website or after the participation request, and all this information is also included in our result reports in detail.

Participation and Registration Procedures

Our primary rule for participation in inter-laboratory comparison tests is that the participating laboratory is accredited.  If there are not enough participants for test, laboratories can be accepted if they are in accreditation progress or they have min. 3 years experience in the relevant parameters. All participants are informed about this process. Laboratories that meet this requirement can participate in all of our comparison tests, as well as apply to us with the matrix, parameters and test dates to be determined by them within the scope of our special preparation comparison test.

Comparison test is always open on our program dates for tests and matrices below. All you need to do to get a price quote is to choose the one that suits you from the matrix below, choose the parameters you want to participate in, and inform us of the appropriate month (at least one month in advance) for participation. After you receive your price offer, if you approve it, you can complete the payment up to 15 days before the test date and create your final registration. We, as Labsert, are committed to; your corporate information, result reports, methods and test data you send to us never be shared with a 2nd party person, company, institution, etc.

Test Programs

You can switch to the parameters section by selecting the area you are interested in from the following test groups and clicking the relevant button. You can access all parameters of that matrix in the Contents section. You can specify the ones you want to participate in among these parameters and send them to us by e-mail, specifying the appropriate month for participation. Besides, you can look over our sample result report to see the compatibility to ISO 17043 requirements for comparison tests.


Custom-Made Comparison Test

Custom made external quality control tests mean time and content independent interlaboratory comparison tests offered for accredited laboratories. In this test group, the laboratory determines the contents it needs (For example, the required test parameters, the matrix property of the sample, the analysis method) and shares this content with the test provider. If the requested content is found suitable for the test cycle, an appropriate date is determined with the participant. Afterwards, the test is organized and the comparison test report containing the Z score and other statistical results is presented to the laboratory.

Custom made external quality control tests are performed with the participation of at least 3 or 4 accredited laboratories. When the test request is shared with the test provider, this information is shared with other laboratories by the test provider, and the laboratories that want to participate in the relevant test cycle are determined and the test cycle is arranged. You can fill out the test request form via the link below.

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