Reference Standard Materials

What are reference standard materials ?

A reference-standard material is commonly defined as a "highly purified compound that is well characterized", accordingly, the quality and purity of reference standards are crucial to determining scientifically valid results for many pharmaceutical analytical methods.

• Reference materials (RM) play a critical role in analytical chemistry and clinical analysis.

• Since most analytical instrumentation is comparative, the use of a sample of a well known composition, the RM, is required for accurate calibration.

• Reference materials are produced under controlled manufacturing procedures and values are assigned based on fitness for purpose.

Uses of reference materials

• Calibration of values indicated by a measuring system or of another reference material,

• Validation or control of trueness of measured values in a given laboratory, or in a group of laboratories,

• Evaluation of the performance of a new measurement procedure.

Labsert Chemical is an international manufacturer of reference standard materials and analytical reagents. Our reference standard solutions are manufactured based on inorganic and organic chemistry. All analysis and tests during certification works are carried out at ISO 17025 accredited  laboratories. Manufacture of the standards is implemented according to ISO 17034 conditions. Manufacture of standards meets conditions to ensure NIST traceability. You can easily select one of the product groups below to see related products. The detailed information about reference standard materials can be viewed once you click the link.

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