Founder's Message

"Instead of being a well-known narrator of what others produce,

we preferred to be well-remembered with what we produce."

In our journey during many years, we as Labsert have seen important milestones and set competitive targets. "Manufacturing Innovations for Chemistry" has been our constant motto. Today, we have delivered our products to many laboratories from several cities and countries and we have been ranked among the world’s most trusted and influential manufacturers.

When we started in 2015, all we had was a crystal clear vision and a few committed team. We have never lingered on problems and numbers at the beginning. At Labsert, our vision has been our clear goal; and now we are studying on leveraging our knowledge and capacity  as our sectoral mission.

Our mission for the future requires complete loyalty and proactive thinking. Labsert Group has always been an innovative manufacturing company in applied chemistry in our country and clarity of thought and actions of this kind will ensure that we will continue to lead by example.

But the journey isn’t complete yet, me and my team are relishing this joy of success each day and would like to do so for the rest of our lives. The next goal for us at Labsert is to improve the quality of our services and expand our product range with each passing day. I invite professionals from all related chemistry sectors to ask us their demands and go out with a solution from our company.

We dedicate our works to all people who are giving us opportunities to serve them and walking with us towards our goal.

Founder of Labsert