Quotation Procedure

Quotation and Purchasing Progress

We do not sell our products on our web site directly as e-commerce trading (Credit card, money transfer, online payment etc.). Regarding international order progress, you have to get the quotation first to see the total cost (Including shipment cost, packaging cost etc.) before legal payment. To get an exact quotation:


1. Specify the products your interested in.


2. Contact your local distributor by e-mail or phone.


3. If a local distributor is not appointed for your region on our web site, you can contact us directly via e-mail: global@labsert.com


4. You can send us your list regarding requested products, specifications and quantities.

5. A proforma invoice is sent you as soon as possible. You can control all specifications and details about the product(s). You are able to request for amendment according to your request.

6. After you approve the proforma invoice,  you get the order confirmation (OC) form before payment. Order confirmation form includes all additional costs (Shipment, packing, bank costs etc.) and payment options.

7. After payment is done according to the payment option in the OC form, shipment time is arranged by Labsert. All details about delivery are shared with you before shipment.