Sorbent Chemicals

As Labsert, we manufacture high-purity solid chemicals depending on our ongoing research and development studies as well as reference standard materials. Our pure solid chemical products, which are generally used for research, development and analysis studies, have important advantages for companies that have low weighed applications or low chemical consumption in their process.

The most important advantage of our products is low volume packing option. As an alternative to high volume (bulk) packaging sales in the market (500 g, 1 kg, 2.5 kg, etc.), our pure chemicals are offered to companies in 100 g (or less) packages. This packing option provides a solution to users for limited shelf life problem of chemicals and degradation possibilities during usage of chemicals (moisture retention, oxidation, etc.).

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C18 - Monomeric

C18 - Monomeric Specificationsparticle size  40-63 μmpore size  60 Å pore sizeCo..

Graphitized carbon black - (GCB)

Graphitized carbon black (GCB) is pure grade and suitable for separation studies...

Magnesium Sulfate - Anhydrous

Magnesium Sulfate - AnhydrousCAS No: 7487-88-9 | Molecular Weight: 120.37 g/molSpecifications:A..

Primary secondary amine - (PSA)

Primary secondary amine (PSA) Specificationsparticle size  40 - 63 μmpore size  60&nb..

Sodium acetate anhydrous - Extra dry

Sodium acetate anhydrousCAS No: 127-09-3 | Molecular Weight: 82.03 g/molSpecificationsAssay (Titrati..

Sodium hydrogencitrate sesquihydrate

Sodium hydrogencitrate sesquihydrateCAS No: 6132-05-4 | Molecular Weight: 263.11 g/molSpecifications..

Tri-Sodium citrate dihydrate

Tri-Sodium citrate dihydrateCAS No: 6132-04-3 | Molecular Weight: 294.10 g/molSpecificationsAssay: 9..