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Manufacturing of new products in reference standard materials, Quechers kits, SPE columns and mechatronic systems is continued to be included in product portfolio with ongoing research and development activities.


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Sodium Chloride AnhydrousCAS No: 7647-14-5 | Molecular Weight: 58.44 g/molSpecificationsAssay (Titra..
Sodium acetate anhydrousCAS No: 127-09-3 | Molecular Weight: 82.03 g/molSpecificationsAssay (Titrati..
Tri-Sodium citrate dihydrateCAS No: 6132-04-3 | Molecular Weight: 294.10 g/molSpecificationsAssay: 9..
Sodium hydrogencitrate sesquihydrateCAS No: 6132-05-4 | Molecular Weight: 263.11 g/molSpecifications..
C18 - Monomeric Specificationsparticle size  40-63 μmpore size  60 Å pore sizeCo..