Group Brands

Labsert group has some registered brands and divisions which are separated according to business fields of Labsert. Each of the brands in our portfolio is a trademark of Labsert. For more information; you can read detailed information of our registered brands and divisions in this web site.

All divisions are connected to Labsert administratively. Labsert's board of management is also beneficiary of all divisions. But all operations of these divisions are carried out independently.  Divisions are also manufacturer and operated in a specialized sector. 

Labsert chemical is an international manufacturer of reference standard materials and analytical reagents. Our reference standard solutions are manufactured based on inorganic and organic chemistry. All analysis and tests during certification works are carried out at ISO 17025 accredited  laboratories. Manufacture of the standards is implemented according to ISO 17034 conditions. Manufacture of standards meets conditions to ensure NIST traceability.

KChrom is a registered trademark of Labsert Laboratory Services and Technologies Ltd and division of Labsert group companies. We are international manufacturer and seller of Quechers kits (Extraction salts, cleanup kits and custom-made kits) , SPE column cartridges (PSA, WAX, C18 etc.) and sample preparation bulk chemicals. Quality management system is applied according to ISO 9001 scopes.

Manufacturing of laboratory equipment and instruments have been carried out by Pharma Genau since 2019. Sample preparation and customized packing systems are the main fields of activities. Pharma Genau has several patent articles as a result of  research and development studies about new systems and multi device compatible software. All process are carried out according to international standards.

Within the scope of the inter-laboratory comparison test (external quality control test) we offer as Z-Test, we also provide you with access to these programs in many different analysis areas, especially environmental, water and food analysis. Organized comparison tests are evaluated and organized in accordance with ISO/IEC 17043 requirements.

LabKurs is another trade mark of Labsert to offer online laboratory courses for Turkish customers and students. Main subjects of courses are instrumental devices, analytical methods and quality managements. LabKurs web site is for only domestic customers and students: