About Labsert

Labsert is an international manufacturing company for laboratories and institutes around the world. There are four main divisions in Labsert which are Labsert Chemical, KChrom, Pharma Genau and Z-Test. Labsert started its operations in 2015 to manufacture of certified reference standard materials, analytical reagents and volumetric solutions as Labsert Chemical. In this direction, infrastructure and quality operations have been completed and firstly, manufacture of analytical inorganic and organic standards and reagents has been initiated.

From the second quarter of 2018, manufacturing of Quechers Kits and SPE products have been carried out by KChrom according to international classifications and scopes. Extraction kits and clean-up kits are manufactured in conformity with AOAC and EN methods.

Z-Test is provider of inter-laboratory comparison tests which are offered in different matrix and parameters. Comparison tests are evaluated and organized for ISO 17025 accredited laboratories in accordance with ISO 17043 requirements.

Labsert has ISO 9001 certification from DAKKS (National accreditation body for the Federal Republic of Germany). All analysis and tests during certification works are carried out at our sub-contracted business partnership laboratory (ISO 17025 accredited by TURKAK: AB-0375-T) and/or Labsert laboratories. Detailed result of analysis is presented on a report which is prepared according to ISO 17034 assessment (Certified by Vertacert: A1541744). Our manufacturing capacity is registered by The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) with a capacity report. Our manufacturing capacity is officially controlled by TOBB during our capacity report's currency 

Specialists of basic sciences, engineering, finance and foreign trade as well as professionals having significant experience in quality management, instrumental analysis and laboratory processes take part within the organization of Labsert. The process from manufacture to shipment is carried out in conformity with international quality system and standards. We provide our services with a great happiness and pride to national and international universities, research and development centers, analysis laboratories, public institutions as well as many private companies interested in our product portfolio.

Important Differences

Customer Services

Quality of customer services is a matter handled with the highest importance level within Labsert. Customer services department is not a section established only to make sales, to present offers etc. and far beyond all these, specialists having sufficient experiences and competences to provide consultancy during all stages from the first meeting to end of the service have been selected and assigned. Correct answers to your questions about all theoretical, production, shipment, payment etc. have been presented to you upon discussion with related specialists. You shall be contacted at the latest within 24 hours for all your questions and demands. Thus, you won’t have to carry out process-conclusion follow-up of your questions or potential issues and you won’t incur loss of time. 

Flexible Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing of custom-made products as well as stock manufacturing are concluded quickly. You can easily create your special manufacture requests at our web site or consult us about all theoretical matters in relation with your demand.

Quality Management

Quality understanding is a matter handled and managed at the highest level within Labsert. This is also a matter used as a management system not only in manufacturing process but also in fields such as management of customer services, shipments, human resources etc. Improvement of quality system is carried out as a regular work in Labsert. For more details, please click here...

Simple “Mix Reference Standard” Search Options

For many users, searching desired reference standard blends at the web site is very difficult as well as being obliged to examine all lists one by one in order to find related mixtures is a matter which causes loss of time. We have included the section “Simple Mix Standard Search” in our web site to avoid it and thus, this difficulty and loss of time has been prevented. For details, please click here...