COVID-19 Epidemic and Production

Posted by Admin 26/03/2020 0 Comment(s)

In line with the guidance of the world health organization, necessary prevention activities have been determined in our process from raw material entry to shipment stage against COVID-19 virus. In addition, 3 risk points were determined according to the potential spread of the epidemic and official decisions were taken regarding the activities to be implemented for these risks.


Before that COVID-19 cases  were confirmed in Turkey, contact meetings and practical trainings had been organized in our departments. At this point, the current announcements of scientists about COVID-19 epidemic are regularly shared on our internal communication network.


Possible interaction and contamination points of the virus in the office, in-laboratory and in-warehouse were determined and special precautions were taken for the studies in these areas. In order to measure the effectiveness of our precautions, assessment and evaluation criteria have been established.


For now, we would like to inform you that there is no limitation in our production lines and all works continue to meet the demands of the market. We wish healthy days to all humanity.