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Solid-phase extraction (SPE) is a sample preparation technique routinely used in analytical laboratories for the extraction of analytes from a complex matrix. SPE is more efficient than liquid-liquid extraction, yields quantitative extractions that are easy to perform, is rapid and can be automated. Solvent use and lab time are reduced. SPE is used most often to prepare liquid samples and extract semi-volatile or nonvolatile analytes, but can also be used with solids that are pre-extracted into solvents. SPE products are excellent for sample extraction, concentration, and cleanup.

KChrom SPE columns are designed to concentrate or isolate analytes from complex sample matrices. Available with a variety of packing media, these columns offer the advantage of working with different types of interactions between the sample components, sorbent, and suitable eluent. The polarity (polar, non-polar) or charge (anion, cation) of the analyte of interest will determine the proper choice of sorbent and solvent.

KChrom solid phase extraction (SPE) tubes are offered with extra pure and clean sorbents and high-purity materials to minimize background and help eliminate unwanted interference.

KChrom has also advantage in packaging of tubes; Each box contains sealed foil bags of tubes to improve shelf life and keep unused sorbents dry and fresh. We are also able to develope customized sorbents or column configurations that completely match your requirements. KChrom SPE products allow you to efficiently and quantitatively extract the analyses you are looking for from any sample type. So you can ensure accurate, reproducible results.

Advantages of KChrom SPE Columns

Technical Reviews

We offer various series of SPE cartridge columns to our customers which have silica-based, polymer and adsorption SPE columns. Main sorbent chemicals which are used in manufacturing of SPE columns are C18, C8, NH2, CN, PSA, SAX, SCX, PLS, PCX, PAX, Florisil, Silica, Alumina and so on. SPE column capacities consist of 1, 3, and 6 ml sizes as routine manufacturing products and 12 - 20 ml as custom-made manufacturing products. KChrom SPE cartridge products are delivered with certificate of analysis (CoA) document to ensure the safe use of batch product.

How to Select Suitable Sorbent:

You can download our technical document which is linked below regarding recommended cross reference list SPE products. Besides, you can download our KChrom catalog as PDF document linked below. If you need further support, please do not hesitate to contact our technical experts via: global@labsert.com


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