Neat Standards

Neat organic standards are referans standard materials which consist of high purity organic compunds such as PCB, alcohol, pesticide, PAH and other relative organic compunds. These standard materials are mostly used for preparing stock solutions, calibration materials for instrumental analysis etc. They are also used as laboratory reagents and raw materials for chemical synthesis studies. Important specification of this group is that all materials have high purity and they are delivered to end-users with certificate of analysis (CoA) document.

Product Groups:

- PCB Compounds

- Alcohols and Phenols

- Alkanes

- Carbonyl Compounds

- Carboxylic acids

- Esters

- FAME (fatty acid methyl esters)

- Miscellaneous Compounds

- PAH's

- Pesticides

- Phthalates

- Volatiles and Semi-Volatiles

Product List:


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