ICP Mix - Equivalent to Agilent 5190-9418

Reference Standard Solution 28049 - ICP Mix - Equivalent to Agilent 5190-9418 100 mg/l each of Al ; Sb ; As ; Ba ; Be ; B ; Cd ; Ca ; Cr ; Co ; Cu ; Fe ; Pb ; Mg ; Mn ; Mo ; Ni ; K ; Se ; Si ; Ag ; Sr ; Na ; Tl ; Ti ; V ; Zn in HNO3 5% ; HF tr%

Solution Contents

Cas No Components Symbol Concentration Unit
7429-90-5 Aluminum Al 100 mg/l
7440-36-0 Antimony Sb 100 mg/l
7440-38-2 Arsenic(III) As(III) 100 mg/l
7440-39-3 Barium Ba 100 mg/l
7440-41-7 Beryllium Be 100 mg/l
7440-42-8 Boron B 100 mg/l
7440-43-9 Cadmium Cd 100 mg/l
14102-48-8 Calcium Ca 100 mg/l
7440-47-3 Chromium (III) Cr (III) 100 mg/l
7440-48-4 Cobalt Co 100 mg/l
7440-50-8 Copper Cu 100 mg/l
7439-89-6 Iron Fe 100 mg/l
7439-92-1 Lead Pb 100 mg/l
14581-92-1 Magnesium Mg 100 mg/l
7439-96-5 Manganese Mn 100 mg/l
7439-98-7 Molybdenum Mo 100 mg/l
7440-02-0 Nickel Ni 100 mg/l
24203-36-9 Potassium K 100 mg/l
7782-49-2 Selenium Se 100 mg/l
7440-21-3 Silicon Si 100 mg/l
7440-22-4 Silver Ag 100 mg/l
7440-24-6 Strontium Sr 100 mg/l
17341-25-2 Sodium Na 100 mg/l
7440-28-0 Thallium Tl 100 mg/l
7440-32-6 Titanium Ti 100 mg/l
7440-62-2 Vanadium V 100 mg/l
100 mg/l

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ICP Mix - Equivalent to Agilent 5190-9418

  • Product Code: ICP125.M28049
  • Chapter: ICP Mix - Equivalent to Agilent 5190-9418
  • Matrix: 5% HNO3 + Tr Hf
  • Volume: 100
  • Unit: ml
  • Availability: 16

Tags: Equivalent to Agilent