Legal Regulation Reference Materails

Calibration Standards For Legal Legislations

Countries may impose restrictions on amount of chemicals within product, by-product, packages etc. pursuant to their laws in fields of food, public health, general healthcare etc. Such limit values may be the same in many countries in conformity with the international methods or may show differences depending on countries’ local legislations. For analysts, generating of calibration curves in conformity with such legislative limit values is very important to obtain accurate quantitative analysis results by using instrumental analysis device. At this point, presence of ready-to-use calibration solutions manufactured in a way including legislative limit points provides convenience for analysts. Offering these solutions to users in a condition “ready to generate calibration curves” enable to obtain less faulty and more accurate quantitative results comparing to preparations made by dilution method from concentrated stock solution. 


As a practice, manufacture of local legislative calibration reference standards may be carried out now as per Turkey’s local legislative limits. Depending on demand, manufacture of certified reference material may be also implemented pursuant to legal and legislative limits of other countries for ion chromatography, ICP, GC, LC etc.. Research and development activities are continuously implemented to increase product groups in this field.

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IC Anion Calibration Reference Set - 1

Water analysis reference standard set for 7 point calibration curve. Calibration set contains 250 ml..

IC Cation Calibration Reference Set - 2

Water analysis reference standard set for 6 point calibration curve. Calibration set contains 250 ml..