Water Comparison Test

Within the scope of the inter-laboratory comparison test (external quality control test) we offer as Z-Test, we also provide you with access to these programs in many different analysis areas, especially environmental, water and food analysis. Organized comparison tests are evaluated and organized in accordance with ISO/IEC 17043 requirements.

As Labsert, the interlaboratory comparison tests we organize with our Z-Test brand are organized by taking into consideration the ISO 17043 requirements. Relevant international standards and TURKAK guides and documents are used in sample preparation, documentation, obtaining results and reporting processes:

1. ISO 17043 conditions are observed and applied in all process management in the comparison tests.

2. In applications to the organized comparison tests, the current ISO 17025 accreditation validity of the participants is questioned. The final registration of the participants to the tests is only possible if they are accredited according to the ISO 17025 standard in the relevant parameters or if they declare in writing to Labsert that they are in the accreditation process.

3. Our quality policy in comparison tests has been prepared and approved by the senior management. According to our relevant quality policy; all participants, whenever they present their results, learn the assigned values of the comparison test they have participated in, in the results report and at the same time.

4. Information about the activities and calculations to be made within the scope of the cycle is provided to the laboratories with documents on our website or after the participation request, and all this information is also included in our result reports in detail.

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Water Comparison Test - Chemical Parameters

Within the scope of the inter-laboratory comparison test (external quality control test) we offer as..