Other Proficiency Tests

As Labsert, we offer inter-laboratory comparison and proficiency testing programs with our business partner Global Proficiency (ISO 17043 IANZ Accredited) to institutes which are located in Turkiye  With comprehensive programs, we enable laboratories to reach international programs, especially environmental and water analysis. All proficiency tests and comparison tests are organized in accordance with the requirements of ISO / IEC 17043.

The general specifications of the proficiency tests which are offered by our business partner Global Proficiency are:

1. Laboratory proficiency tests are regulated according to ISO 17043 accreditation. (IANZ Accredited Client No: 3285)

2. Detailed statistical reports and Z score values ​​at the end of external quality tests are created by the accredited proficiency test provider.

3. Participants can be private and public laboratories from Turkey and several other countries.

4. In our tests, two separate samples containing different concentrations of the same parameters are sent to the participants. Participants submit 2 separate results for 2 separate samples and receive 2 separate reports. In these reports, there are 2 separate Z score values ​​calculated separately for each parameter.

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