Soil Reference Standards

You can find standard reference materials for soil analyses and tests in this group. All soil standards are prepared from natural sources in Turkey. All informations about preparation, storage, value of analyses etc. of standard reference are given in certificate of analyses. If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Conductivity in Soil Reference Standard

Conductivity in soil certified reference standard material.Value: 1000 - 3000 uS/cmPacking: 50 g / A..

Elements in Soil Reference Standard - 1

Elements in soil certified reference standard material.Packing: 25 g / Amber glass containerExp..

pH in Soil Reference Standard

pH in soil certified reference standard material. Value: 5 - 8 pH UnitPacking: 50 g /..

Total Organic Matter in Soil Reference Standard

Total organic matter (TOM) in soil certified standard reference material.Value: 2 % - 10 %Packi..