Petroleum Standards

You can find standard reference materials for petroleum and fuel analyses and tests in this group. Reference standards are certified ISO 17025 accredited independent laboratories or Round Robin Method using independent test laboratories. ASTM / EN or IP test method are used for certification and calculation. All information about preparation, storage, value of analyses etc. of standard reference are given in certificate of analyses. If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Cetane Number Reference Standard

Cetane Number reference standard in Diesel.Packing: 500 ml / Amber glass containerExpiry: ..

Density Reference Standard

Density reference standard in Diesel.Packing: 250 ml / Amber glass containerExpiry: 12 mon..

Flash Point Reference Standard

Flash point reference standard in Diesel.Packing: 100 ml / Amber glass containerExpiry: 12 months fr..

Kinematic Viscosity Reference Standard

Kinematic viscosity reference standard in Diesel.Packing: 250 ml / Amber glass containerExpiry:..