Organochlorine Pesticides Standard - 20 components

Organochlorine Pesticide 20 components: 200 ug/ml each of Aldrin [CAS:309-00-2] ; Alpha-HCH (alpha-BHC) [CAS:319-84-6] ; Beta-HCH (beta-BHC) [CAS:319-85-7] ; Delta-HCH (delta-BHC) [CAS:319-86-8] ; Gamma-HCH (Lindane) (gamma-BHC) [CAS:58-89-9] ; 4,4'-DDD (TDE) [CAS:72-54-8] ; 4,4'-DDE [CAS:72-55-9] ; 4,4'-DDT [CAS:50-29-3] ; Dieldrin [CAS:60-57-1] ; Endosulfan-alpha (Endosulfan I) [CAS:959-98-8] ; Endosulfan-beta (Endosulfan II) [CAS:33213-65-9] ; Endosulfan-total (sulfate) [CAS:1031-07-8] ; Endrin [CAS:72-20-8] ; Endrin aldehyde [CAS:7421-93-4] ; Endrin ketone [CAS:53494-70-5] ; Heptachlor [CAS:76-44-8] ; Heptachlor-exo-epoxide (Heptachlor epoxide) [CAS:1024-57-3] ; Methoxychlor (DMTD) [CAS:72-43-5] ; cis-Chlordane [CAS:5103-71-9] ; trans-Chlordane [CAS:5103-74-2] in n-Hexane:Toluene (1:1)

Solution Contents

Cas No Components Symbol Concentration Unit
72-54-8 4-4-DDD CAS: 72-54-8 200 mg/l
72-55-9 4-4-DDE CAS: 72-55-9 200 mg/l
50-29-3 4-4-DDT CAS: 50-29-3 200 mg/l
309-00-2 Aldrin CAS: 309-00-2 200 mg/l
319-84-6 alphaBHC CAS: 319-84-6 200 mg/l
319-85-7 betaBHC CAS: 319-85-7 200 mg/l
58-89-9 gammaBHC CAS: 58-89-9 200 mg/l
319-86-8 deltaBHC CAS: 319-86-8 200 mg/l
5103-71-9 α-Chlordane CAS: 5103-71-9 200 mg/l
5103-74-2 γ-Chlordane CAS: 5103-74-2 200 mg/l
60-57-1 Dieldrin CAS: 60-57-1 200 mg/l
959-98-8 alpha-Endosulfan CAS: 959-98-8 200 mg/l
33213-65-9 beta-Endosulfan CAS: 33213-65-9 200 mg/l
1031-07-8 Endosulfansulfate CAS: 1031-07-8 200 mg/l
72-20-8 Endrin CAS: 72-20-8 200 mg/l
7421-93-4 Endrinaldehyde CAS: 7421-93-4 200 mg/l
53494-70-5 Endrinketone CAS: 53494-70-5 200 mg/l
76-44-8 Heptachlor CAS: 76-44-8 200 mg/l
1024-57-3 Heptachlorepoxide CAS: 1024-57-3 200 mg/l
72-43-5 Methoxychlor CAS: 72-43-5 200 mg/l

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Organochlorine Pesticides Standard - 20 components

  • Product Code: PES1.M.002
  • Chapter: Organochlorine Pesticides Standard - 20 components
  • Matrix: Hexane:Toluene (1:1)
  • Volume: 1
  • Unit: ml
  • Availability: 16